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Stair Brackets & Handrail Hardware

Stair rail brackets are the most common stair hardware used for stairways because they help secure and reinforce while offering appear. StairSupplies offers a large selection of stair rail brackets and handrail hardware for stairs, including our classic smooth handrail brackets, textured, and long reach handrail brackets. And if you questions, you can always call our expert stair advisers at 1 (888) 272-5335.

At StairSupplies, rest assured that our stair brackets and hardware are of the utmost quality. We also have a large assortment of special fasteners and decorative skirting brackets. Beauty, ease and durability come when you choose hardware from StairSupplies. All of the hardware below has been selected because it is the best in its class. There are no shortcuts to a great stairway. Stair Supplies offers several standard stair bracket designs, but our custom department can manufacture skirting brackets in any design to meet customer needs.
EPC-112 Epoxy GunEPC-410 Epoxy CartridgeClassic Handrail Bracket
EPC-112 Epoxy Gun
Necessary for dispensing
epoxy cartridges
EPC-410 Epoxy Cartridge
Dual cartridge epoxy refill
Classic Handrail Bracket
Classic Smooth Design
2 5/8" Reach
Long Reach Handrail BracketsTextured Handrail BracketS-9403 Sure-Tite
Long Reach Handrail Brackets
Classic Smooth Design
3 3/8" Reach
Textured Handrail Bracket
Textured Design
3 1/4" Reach
S-9403 Sure-Tite
Newel Post Fastener
C-905 Dowel Screw DriverC-905-2 Dowel Screws3901 Rail Bolt Wrench
C-905 Dowel Screw Driver
Necessary tool for driving
Dowel Screws
C-905-2 Dowel Screws
Dowel Screws are perfect for attaching wood balusters to treads and landings
3901 Rail Bolt Wrench
Rail bolt wrench for tightening rail bolts in fittings and handrails
S-9600 Rail Bolt Kit3905 Rail Bolt DriverS-9601 Angled Rail Bolt Kit
S-9600 Rail Bolt Kit
Rail bolt kit complete with bolt, nut, specialty washer and plug
3905 Rail Bolt Driver
Necessary for S-9601
Angled Rail Bolt Kit
S-9601 Angled Rail Bolt Kit
Easily attach handrail to newels.
Adjusts to most angles.
PlugTrim Screw DriverTrim Screws
Order Plugs to match your order.
1/2", 3/4", 1" or 1 1/2"
Trim Screw Driver
Screw driver for
use with trim screws
Trim Screws
Trim screws for attaching Stair Parts
Available in 4 sizes
Box Newel Mounting Kit7037 Rosette7038 Rosette
Box Newel Mounting Kit
Available in 3 sizes, to work
with any of our Box Newels.
7037 Rosette
Oval Rosette
5 1/2" Tall x 4" Wide
7038 Rosette
Rectangular Rosette
6 1/2" Tall x 4" Wide
7029 Skirting Bracket7028 Skirting Bracket
7029 Skirting Bracket
7028 Skirting Bracket